Welcome to the New Tradition Chorus

The New Tradition Chorus is an award-winning men’s a cappella chorus located with members from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs Chartered in 1982, this Illinois District chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society has a long-standing reputation for delighting audiences through exciting harmonies and memorable performances of songs spanning decades and genres. The chorus rehearses in Northbrook, IL  

Our Mission Statement

Through a cappella performances of diverse musical styles, the New Tradition Chorus strives to delight audiences and enrich lives through song.


The Chapter is committed to helping all who love to sing become the finest performers they can be while enjoying the friendships found in making and sharing exceptional music.

An Invitation

If our mission of pursuing musical excellence appeals to you, we invite you to contact us or come visit us. We meet every Tuesday night from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Temple Beth-El 3610 Dundee Rd. in  Northbrook, IL

 Statement of Unity and Support by the Northbrook Chapter of SPEBSQSA

Our values as an organization are rooted in the unified Society Vision for Everyone in Harmony – and as such, we stand firmly in solidarity with all individuals who continue to struggle against systemic racism and discrimination in their fight for their own liberties. 

Given the recent events in our national conversation, we are all being reminded of our racial history in the treatment of others that we somehow think are different. We acknowledge that our own hobby’s musical heritage originates with African-American roots and therefore we absolutely cannot ignore the continued racism feeding the civil unrest happening to our country today. The history of the Barbershop Harmony Society itself has a discriminatory past that we are not proud of, but it is a hard lesson that we have learned. It is foundational behind our current vision of Everyone In Harmony, a guiding principle that is desperately needed now more now than ever. We are all one people, and we all deserve to be treated well – and never, never suffer discrimination. 

Moving forward, we recognize our opportunity and responsibility to listen louder, to exercise empathy, and to give ourselves permission to grow. Some of our most cherished performances capture various aspects of the human experience we’ve all shared at points in time: fighting for independence in our Les Miserables contest package, longing for a brighter tomorrow in Over the Rainbow, and keeping hope in our Tribute to World Peace. 

Discrimination in any form is, quite simply, in conflict with the ethics that we value in our organization. We are all better when we work together and share in our burdens. In that context, in this current time – in this moment of our history – a large burden is being unfairly carried by a racial minority. They need to know that they should not have to carry that load by themselves – that they matter. Therefore, let this be known: 

We stand in solidarity with all organizations and communities who strive to answer the call for equity and justice, especially during the recent violence experienced in diverse communities. 

We also recognize this sentiment is long overdue. Truthfully, we needed time to educate ourselves and have these difficult, but important, conversations. Of course, the dialogue should not end here. As members we will continue to ask, listen, and improve as we strive to make the New Tradition risers a more inclusive and welcoming space together. 


  1. New Tradition’s new director, Dan Wessler just finished 2 arrangements for the Holiday show. Just heard them at rehearsal! Wow! His jazzy style really makes some old favorites come alive. Be there to hear them on Dec 14 2:30 or Dec 15 2:30

  2. My cousin, Henry Diettrich (Hank) sang with your choir. I recently visited his wife, Barbara, and we were talking about the choir and I found it on YouTube. Well, the other day I had Pandora on my SmartTV and I heard New Tradition singing Christmas Carols. I said to myself, I have to get a CD. I received one today, America. Love it. Wish I had seen Hank singing when he was alive.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Glad you’re enjoying our ‘America’ CD, and we hope it will carry on Hank’s memory in your family. Best wishes!

  3. I attended your concert this werkend and was blown away. Have been searching desperately for your recording of “I have Seen the Light”. Can you help me?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Sorry for the delayed reply, and thanks for your kind thoughts! At this time, we don’t have a recording of “I Have Seen the Light”, but if you visit one of our November rehearsals we’ll sing it just for you!

      See you at our Spring Show!

  4. The last thing that Dan said at the end of rehearsal on Saturday was “If you put that on the contest stage, I’ll be happy.” The chorus did and he was…and so was everybody else! As the curtain opened, the chorus was greeted with rousing applause, hoots and hollers. Then, the electric performance ignited the crowd! It was a banner day for the “new” New Tradition winning the Most Improved award, the Most Entertaining award and earning the right to represent the Illinois district at International. Congratulations!

  5. My husband and I just watched your performance on WGN this morning. We thoroughly enjoyed it!
    You are excellent! Brought tears to my eyes, Proud to be an American is one of my favorites. We live in the Chicago western suburbs. Do you have a schedule of your engagements?
    Thank you!
    Melody Ryan

    1. We produce two show per year. Our next show is for the holidays the first weekend of December. I will put you on our email list. you can also signup here

  6. Howdy,

    As I write this, I am listening to a vintage “Grandma’s boys” barbershop record. Headlined by none other than Jay Giallombardo. I bought a crate of records at auction and many were barber shop. I really like this record. I was born in 1975 the year this was recorded. Growing up, my dad sang barbershop and I can remember tagging along to many practices and concerts. I’m glad to see the chorus still remains. I get made fun of quite a bit for liking barbershop music but just like Bob Seger, I pull these old records off the shelf and sit and listen by myself. I’ve included some photos. I hope they come through. Best wishes,
    Matt- Ankeny, Iowa.

    Sent from my iPad

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